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~ A Winter Solstice Offering from Byron Metcalf & Sandra Ingerman ~

Throughout time all of life has experienced changes that have come from environmental and climatic events. During this holiday season many of us are more acutely aware than ever of the enormous suffering that is happening throughout the world. The seemingly endless wars and conflict, the devastating impact of climate change, combined with what appears to be a complete breakdown of our political systems and an ever increasing culture of inequality and indifference can easily cause some to collapse into despair and hopelessness. Yet as we face these extraordinary challenges, we know that we are not powerless to effect positive change.

The Winter Solstice supports our re-entry into light, renewal and awakening – enhancing our capacities for clarity, true vision and ultimately, right action. The spiritual work we do is where we have a tremendous amount of power to participate in healing the planet. And an essential part of our work is to honestly assess how our behavior toward the environment might be contributing to a state of imbalance.

In shamanic cultures, people live from a place of honor and respect as they walk on the Earth. Earth, air, water, and fire (as in the sun) sustain us and give us life. All the amazing and exquisite life forms that share the Earth with us and who live on the Earth, and in the air, and in the water are called “the spirit that lives in all things”. All of life is connected to a web of life. Every life form contributes something crucial to insure the health and well-being of the rest of life and the Earth itself.

We are body, mind, and spirit. Who we are beyond our body and mind is divine spiritual light. We have an inner spirit that shines like the sun and the stars above us. We can create healing, balance and harmony as we radiate our inner spiritual light as brightly as the sun and the stars in the night sky within and throughout the Earth.

We invite you to use this free 23-minute “Healing the Earth Journey” track as part of your spiritual work – especially during this Winter Solstice – and of course, at any other time you choose.

As you prepare to journey, take some deep breaths and think about how precious life is on this great Earth. Give thanks for your life and for the life of the spirit that lives in all things.

Imagine traveling within to your inner landscape. Feel your inner light shining. Absorb it fully into your cells. Experience your light radiating out into the world and joining with others as we gather in love and respect in behalf of all of life and the Earth. Light heals. This is an ancient spiritual principle that has been taught since the beginning of time.

We know that when a community joins together in ceremony, there are exponential results with any healing work being performed. So let us join together as a powerful and radiating vessel of light, love, healing and transformation. And let us move forward with deep gratitude and appreciation for all of life! And so it is!


released December 19, 2014

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Byron Metcalf at “The Lair”, Prescott Valley, AZ

Byron Metcalf – Earth Drums, rattles, ambient percussion, keyboard

Sandra Ingerman – Rattles

Dashmesh Khalsa - Didgeridoo

Nature sounds recorded by Byron

Photo ("Broken Earth") by Byron - Edited by Richard Blum


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