Earth Om – Sacred Resonance

by Byron Metcalf, Ph.D.

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Earth Om – Sacred Resonance

Exploring Your Relationship with The Earth

Byron Metcalf, Ph.D.

Creator of “The Shaman’s Heart:
The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence”

As we face the truth about our global crisis and the devastating impact of climate change, it is clear that we, as human inhabitants of this planet, now find ourselves at a critical point where our survival depends on our ability and willingness to develop a healthy, balanced and sustainable relationship with the Earth – the Mother of Us All.

The intention of the Earth Om – Sacred Resonance exercise is to help you explore your relationship with the Earth in a very personal way – and to cultivate a deeper and more personal connection with the Earth. This exercise is highly experiential and interactive, and will provide you with an opportunity to closely examine the unique qualities, characteristics, beliefs and other dynamics that form your relationship with the Earth and all that this relationship means to you.

Combining shamanic rhythm & sounds, verbal guidance, chanting and Field Effect Audio Technology™, Earth Om – Sacred Resonance provides a gentle and powerful heart-centered journey of self-discovery into your relationship with Mother Earth.

Designed to be used as a stand-alone exercise or as an advanced exercise with The Shaman’s Heart Program (Monroe Products, 2007)


released June 19, 2012

Earth Drum & Gong – Byron
Didgeridoo ¬– Dashmesh Khalsa
Nature sounds recorded by Byron

Om Chanting – Byron, Gail Chasin, Shawn Cardinal, Jamie Keehan, Richard Blum, Carleen Blum, Betsy Lindsey, Daniel Wiggins, Ted Usatynski – Soprano: Jamie Keehan

Cover Art “Spiritual Emerald” – Vesna Dharma

Graphic Design – Sam Rosenthal

The music track used in the exercise is an extended remix of the original “Earth Om – Sacred Resonance” included in “A Warning From the Elders” (Dr Bam’s Music, 2007)

Created by Byron Metcalf © 2012 Dr. Bam’s Music (BMI)
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Byron at The Lair, Prescott, AZ

*For optimal results listen to this recording with quality headphones in a quiet environment. **The Earth Om – Sacred Resonance music track (without verbal guidance) is included as track 2 so that you can repeat this part of the exercise.

**For detailed instructions on using the Earth Om – Sacred Resonance exercise go to



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