The Strong & Powerful Heart Meditation (free download)

by Byron Metcalf, Ph.D.

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Greetings Everyone,

I think its safe to say that most, if not all of us, are experiencing varying degrees of discomfort and unease related to the upheaval that is occurring throughout our planet. From a transpersonal and shamanic perspective, we know that we are not separate from any of what is happening, regardless of our geographical location. For me, in order to navigate these potent and challenging times with skill and authenticity, I need to remain steadfast and disciplined with my daily spiritual and shamanic practices. These primarily include meditation practices and various shamanic rituals that help me to stay present and engaged with my heart, thoughts, emotions and behavior in a manner that is consistent with my integrity and values. In other words, I am required to fully embrace and walk the path of authentic power, purpose and presence (the path of The Shaman's Heart).

So as I reflected on the gift I wanted to share with you for this holiday season, I was guided to offer a free download of a meditation from The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series. The entire Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series consists of four audio-guided meditations designed to assist and support you in fully developing the fundamental capacities, potentials and essential qualities of your heart. This unique and potent combination of ancient and modern technologies provides powerful and comprehensive support for developing your emotional and psycho-spiritual intelligence and maturity. Consistent and systematic use of the meditations can result in a radically enhanced capacity for living a fully authentic, soul-based and heart-centered life.

The meditation that feels most appropriate at this time is the “Strong & Powerful Heart” meditation. This meditation is designed to help you develop the qualities and capacities of courage, strength, authentic will, discipline and rigor, perseverance, steadfastness, right action, the ability to set proper boundaries, and enhanced confidence in all areas of human functioning.

Your free download includes 3 audio tracks: 1) Overview of the Meditation Series, 2) Instructions for the Strong & Powerful Heart meditation, 3) The Strong & Powerful Heart Meditation music & rhythm track (featuring Steve Roach & Dashmesh Khalsa). Your download will also include the entire "Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series Users Guide" which contains a great deal of information that will assist and support your mediation practice.

The Bandcamp page will ask if you want to pay something. And although donations are appreciated, you are not expected to pay anything (just put ‘0’ in the box). With deep gratitude this is my gift to you for your continued support. Without you I would not be able to continue doing what I love to do! I am excited and honored that I have another year and beyond of potent and powerful music coming your way that hopefully will support you on your journey of self-discovery and authentic realization.

Wishing you & yours a warm & loving holiday season.

And as always . . .Deep Journeys,



released December 5, 2015



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