Holiday Shamanic Journeys

by Byron Metcalf

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A Holiday Journey Gift From Byron Metcalf

During the past 15 years my passion and focus has been producing shamanic and tribal/ambient music for those who yearn for the deep journey experience – for those who wish to discover and fully know the truth of their being and the nature of reality.

With immense appreciation and gratitude for your support over these years I am offering a free download of 2 specially created shamanic journey tracks that will support virtually any type of shamanic journey method and especially the “classic” or “Harner method” (see below*). Both tracks are 22 minutes in length and use a combination of buffalo drums and rattles and also nature sounds to help create a spacious ambient field. All of these elements were used in The Shaman’s Heart series of recordings but never arranged and mixed in this particular way.

And there’s more . . .

The original inspiration for making these tracks available as a “holiday” oriented gift actually began several years ago when I read an article suggesting that the “real” story of Santa Claus had its origins in Siberian shamanism and the shamans’ use of the psychedelic mushroom Amanita muscaria. There are a lot articles that make a very persuasive argument in favor of this idea and I’ve included links for 2 of these below. After reading several of these articles and speaking to a few trusted professionals, I became convinced that this story makes much more sense than the current one advanced by Western culture. After more reflection on this, it occurred to me to consider recording sleigh bells along with the rattles and drums in a way that invokes and supports this story, yet still retains the inherent power, potency and integrity of a shamanic journey recording that I would want to be associated with and offer to the public. A specific problem I faced was that I did not have access to any quality sleigh bells. Most everything I found was cheaply made in China and/or simply sounded lousy and “toy-like”. Recently my dear friend, partner and colleague Karen Malik told me that she had a set of sleigh bells that has been in her family for over 4 generations and were actually used on the horses on her family’s farms in the mid-west. When I saw and heard these bells I knew I had found the perfect set. Just to hold them in my hand gave me intense chills and the sound they have is an ideal mixture of power, beauty and grace. Karen graciously allowed me to use these bells for this project. The track titled “Holiday Shamanic Journey w/Bells” has this set of bells added to the drums and rattles and is set forward in the mix stronger than the rattles. NOTE: Those of you who have Horse as one of your shamanic allies will definitely resonate with this track. I found the essence of Horse to be extremely present in these bells and I am confident that this is energetically infused in the recording.

* More about this project: I’ve been asked on many occasions over the years if I was planning on offering a shamanic journey recording based on the “Core Shamanism”, classic method that Michael Harner teaches and uses in his training program. This type of journey recording typically uses one or more drums and/or rattles played at a continuous tempo of about 220 beats per minute for 20 minutes or longer, and also includes a “call back” or “return” section at the end. Since there have been many of these recordings available by various artists I wasn’t really motivated to offer another one in that style. However, after recently receiving a few more requests and finding this incredible set of vintage sleigh bells, I became convinced that it was time to do this and it feels like a perfect gift to all of you.

A final note regarding the tracks: I’ve personally never cared for the increased tempo used in the call back/return sections used in the recorded journey tracks I’ve listened to and worked with. So the call back/return in these tracks is my own creation that uses the same tempo as the rest of the track (220 beats per min) with some added components. It should be quite obvious how it works once you hear it a couple of times.

Thanks again for your support and may your holiday season be filled with warmth, love and peace.



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released December 10, 2013



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